Ancient Balinese mythological roots…

Local legend has it that Tanjung Benoa was originally made up of separate islets called Nusa Dua and Terora. During this time, Bali was ruled by a powerful general by the name of Kebo Iwa who was revered by his loyal subjects. His incredible strength enabled him to protect Bali and is inhabitants from the conquering forces of the mighty Majapahit Empire.

When Kebo Iwa learnt that the people of the south were facing difficulty accessing the rest of the island, he collected two giant scoops of earth from the areas of Kutuh and Sawangan to cover Tanjung Benoa. He secured the soil using a tree, which subsequently snapped and scattered earth over what is now Nusa Dua. A second attempt also failed creating another new area called Terora – the very same site where Taman Bhagawan sits today.

About us

Taman Bhagawan is one of Bali’s most unique events venue with uninterrupted views of the sea. It is an ideal gathering place for not only corporate events, weddings but also special events including concerts, festival and exhibition. Being a purpose built facility, Taman Bhagawan allows event planners to conceptualise and execute any event with privacy and exclusivity. The property is simply a beautiful canvas for any creative ideas and imagination to run wild.

The land that Taman Bhagawan sits on was envisioned in 2008 by Frans B. Siswanto, who has a passion to create, a deep love for plants and nature, and a heart for conservation. With an eye for details, every aspect of the property was thoroughly considered and thought through. His natural appreciation for art led him to develop what Taman Bhagawan has become today, a haven that goes against the grain of the mainstream. Taman Bhagawan opened its doors in June 2010, marked by the wedding of his eldest son. The venue reflects a bygone era and a sanctuary for a true  Indonesian experience.