DDHEAR… Have you heard of them? If you haven’t, that’s because DDHEAR stands for Dialog Dini Hari + Endah n Rhesa. Recognize the big names? Yes, these two bands decided to collaborate in project, mashing folk ballad and folk blues together, under the flag of DDHEAR.

Started in a casual jam session in an event in Bali, they were feeling the unexpected chemistry in person, and in music. They then decided to collaborate. At first, they decided to record a song as a single, but as time goes by, a song turns into an album with 2 new songs, Jangan Engkau Berhenti Bernyanyi and Terang Berpijar Harapa, plus 2 cover songs, where they exchange each other’s song.

To officiate this ‘merging’, they create a concert called Prahita in Graha Bakti Budaya, Taman Ismail Marzuki, on April 7th 2016.

DDHEAR will perform in the 6th Jazz Market’s stage, in Taman Bhagawan, Tanjung Benoa, Bali. Be sure to be there to listen to their songs. Feel their chemistry turns into a sound of music…

Find out more about DDHEAR by visiting their cute website (you would want to check it out) : http://ddhear.com/main/

Get the ticket online in our official website : http://jazz-market.com/daily-ticket/