White Shoes and the Couples Company, is scheduled to perform in the 6th Jazz Market 2016, on August 19th. The sextet consist of Sari, Rio, Saleh, Ricky, Mela and John are planning to showcase their music on the open stage of Jazz Market, located in Taman Bhagawan, Tanjung Benoa, Bali.

70’s music soundtracks, acoustic spirit of the 1930’s jazz musicians, updated with the classic strings arrangements and retro disco beats, WSATCC has created a sound that stands out among the other futuristic-instruments music out there. Their vintage soul adds a nice mix to the song, the personality of the band, and to their fashion style.

Their clothing choice, hairstyle, and accessories are inspired from the 70’s fashion, when retro disco is taking over.

These unique quality keeps their fans loyal, and continuously wanting more! That’s why, no matter how much the trend has shifted, WSATCC will stay to their true color, keeping their fans and music lovers happy. Their music performances are always full and pleasant! You can feel that vintage vibes.

Some of their songs that (hopefully) they are going to perform in the 6th Jazz Market are : Windu and Defrina, Senandung Maaf –a soundtrack of Janji Joni the movie- , Sabda Alam, and more…

More about WSATCC, please visit their website : http://whiteshoesandthecouplescompany.org/web/

Have you get the tickets to the 6th Jazz Market 2016? You can purchase them online, by following this link. Don’t forget to get tickets for your friends and family too. They would love to come!

Source : Wikipedia