Jazz Market 2016 Clothing the Nation

Every year in Jazz Market, we have a specific theme, which always carries a cultural message. Jazz Market 2016, is CLOTHING THE NATION! Together CEVA, the Fabric of Life, we have a mission to expose BATIK as a cloth of this nation!

We wish to bring Indonesia’s heritage in textile and clothing to attention, for all the world to see. Indonesia with its tens of thousands of islands, each with its own tradition, is a nation of cultures. Heritages passed on from hundreds or even thousands of years ago from generation to generation. One of Indonesia’s world-known heritage is the textiles, from batik to ikat. Each textile has different story, and its own unique process.

Jazz Market 2016 carries a mission to showcase the stories and the unique process of these textiles, with the help of the experts, Ibu Tya Adhitama and Ibu Amalia irman from CEVA Bali, a design company, specify their creation of home décor in traditional textiles.

Showcasing ‘The Fabric of Life’, CEVA will mesmerize you by a multimedia exhibition of the divine textiles of Tenganan Pengringsingan, Bali. Along with the d isplay of heritage, heirloom collection of Gringsing, the traditional double woven textiles (ikat ganda), the exhibition also showcases “Ate” baskets, photography and videography of the Tenganan people.

Take your family and friends to Jazz Market by The Sea 2016, in Taman Bhagawan, Benoa, Bali.

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