The Legendary KLa Project in Jazz Market 2016

Jazz Market 2016 brings KLa Project to you…

This legendary band is one of Indonesia’s all time favorite. Formed by Katon, Lilo, Adi and Ari, the band whose music were light years ahead of its time, stole the attention of music lovers in Indonesia. Some of their hits : Rentang Asmara, Tentang Kita, Waktu Tersisa and Laguku, were released in 1989 in the album ‘KLa’. Two years after that, the monumental hit ‘Yogyakarta’ was scored , along with their second album ‘Kedua’. In 1992, they release another album with other hit records like Tak Bisa Ke Lain Hati and Belahan Jiwa.

After they launched their third album, one of the members, Ari, decided to manage the band instead. Katon, Lilo and Adi continued to make music, create two albums (Ungu in 1994 and V in 1995) and held an acoustic concert, called KLakustik.

In 2001 until 2009, KLa had major members exchanges, but they finally came back to their true, unique formation : Katon, Lilo, and Adi. Marked by a comeback-album, ‘KLa Returns’ in 2009, the band is now stronger than ever.

Jazz Market recognizes the originality in the color of their music, and we want everyone to hear them too. That’s why we invite them to perform in Jazz Market 2016, and we are honored to have the legends on our stage!

KLa Project will be performing at the 6th Jazz Market on Saturday, August 20th 2016 at Taman Bhagawan, Tanjung Benoa, Bali. Got your festival tickets? Click here to get tickets online