Bali Wedding : Outdoor Wedding Inspiration

Bali is one of the most wanted dream-wedding location, especially for its outdoor venue.

Taman Bhagawan has been making dream-weddings come true, since 2010, serving happy couples from many nationalities and cultural background. We have heard all kinds of wedding theme ideas, from the simplest one, to the most demanding one.

These are some of our most favorite, and we think these images can be your outdoor wedding inspiration.

Beach Wedding… simple, but so beautiful! This picture above is one of the wedding held in Taman Bhagawan.

Garden Wedding… a beautiful combination of traditional and the color white is perfect! This is located in Joglo Gundul, another part of Taman Bhagawan.

By the sea table setting… dreamy!

Night reception by the main pond of Taman Bhagawan, with beautiful hanging lights… romantic!

Indian theme wedding, with a picnic table setting, not forgetting the exotic lively colors, at sunset!

A rustic theme wedding, in our vintage, oldies area.

Beach, pastel table decoration, attended to details. This cute, romantic wedding was also held in Taman Bhagawan.

Simple and classic table center pieces, since the beauty of the Pacific ocean in the background is already overwhelming.

Beautifully arranged shells and some oceanic blue flowers as center pieces. The beauty is in the details.

A traditional detail is always appreciated…

Hanging decoration… build up the mood!

Preparation is just as critical! Make sure you have a proper bridal space. This one is what we have in Taman Bhagawan.

As long as there’s love, everything else is possible.

If you want to know more about Taman Bhagawan’s outdoor venue.

Happy planning bride and groom to-be 🙂