Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We would like to advise you of the following "Terms & Conditions of Hire." These apply to all bookings at Taman Bhagawan and must be agreed to by the hirer either in writing or via e-mail prior to any confirmation.

1. IDENTIFICATION. This set of terms and conditions form part of the contract signed between ‘the business’ (trading as Taman Bhagawan) and yourself, ‘the client’.

2. BOOKING PROCEDURE. All Bookings are provisional until confirmed by receipt of a non-refundable deposit AND a signed Booking Form agreeing to these terms and conditions of hire from Taman Bhagawan, on or before the due date, as agreed.

3. FINANCE - DEPOSITS & PAYMENTS Taman Bhagawan reserves the right to request a non-refundable deposit for all bookings. For the purposes of calculating a percentage deposit, the total cost is taken from all pre-booked facilities including; function catering, venue hire, groups and additional equipment hire. The client as the event organizer must sign and agree all items before his/her departure and shall be ultimately responsible for the whole payment of any/all outstanding accounts which are not allocated to individuals accompanying or connected to the organizer and any which remain unpaid prior to your departure from the venue.

4. CANCELLATION OF BOOKING Should you have to cancel your booking a charge will be made, this will be calculated as a percentage of the total booking value. All cancellations must be confirmed in writing to the Taman Bhagawan Administration Team where final accounts will be calculated and charged. Cancellation Notice and the % Charged Prior to Event

5. EVENT NUMBERS Final numbers must be submitted to Taman Bhagawan 21 days prior to the proposed event. The final amount payable by the client will be calculated on the numbers given and invoiced accordingly.
6. Taman Bhagawan will not be involved in any administrative work on behalf of the Hirer, unless the Venue has agreed to this in writing. Any additional marketing enquiries please contact enquiries@tamanbhagawan.com.