Services & Products

Our main products and services include:

Vivre Catering

The primary onsite catering services to cater for your food & beverage needs from for buffet, set menu and even family style. Pre-dinner cocktails & canapes are also available.  

Paon Restaurant

All day dining Indonesian restaurant, nestled on the beautiful grounds of Taman Bhagawan with pool facilities.  Pets are welcome. 

Paon Jamu Beverage

Jamu Indonesian herbal drink. Our Paon Jamu by Suwe Ora Jamu has been introduced to educate and remind people of this traditional heritage. Jamu was first recorded in 9AD, each Jamu recipe has its health benefits and is traditionally used to prevent ailments and maintain the body's stamina.  It is at Taman Bhagawan where we wish to bring back the lost and forgotten.  Sample our five signature flavours; Wedang Jahe, Beras Kencur, Alang Alang, Kunyit Asem & Rosella.

Jazz Market by The Sea Festival

Founded in August 2011, Jazz Market has now become one of the most awaited festivals in Bali.  Unlike any other, the festival provides family entertainment for all; music, market stalls, food stalls & childrens' area that involve petting zoo to keep the little Ones entertained. Pets are welcome too.  The festival marks Indonesian Independence in August, hence it is a celebration where family and friends can gather, whilst enjoying the outdoor picnic concept.  Jazz Market by The Sea has become Taman Bhagawan's anchor event.    

Event Support Services

From production, lighting, sound, traditional decoration to talented musicians, etc.  We are happy to help you where we can.